What do you mean by 'no contract'?

If paying for a monthly membership, you are only obliged to pay for one month's membership by direct debit and after that you can cancel your membership at any time. To prevent further charges you should contact us by email (accounts@h2clubs.co.uk) and then cancel your Direct Debit on or before the invoice date (which is several days before your DD is debited from your account, and varies slightly from month to month). Once that is processed, your membership will lapse immediately. Please note that if you do not cancel your DD prior to the invoice date, the debit will go ahead for the following month.

The Annual Upfront membership is a 12 month contract. You must pay in full, upfront, by debit or credit card for this membership (no monthly payments). This payment is not refundable.

Do you have different monthly membership types?

We believe in providing value for money and therefore we offer different membership types to give our member's choice and to allow them to select the membership type that best suits their use of our club - click the Join link at the top of the page to see our range of options. This includes a Multi-Club membership, allowing usage across both clubs, for a small supplement to your normal membership

Can I trial H2 before joining?

Complimentary trial visits are available to prospective members. Simply e-mail crew@h2clubs.co.uk (for Soho) or victoria@h2clubs.co.uk (for Victoria) requesting a trial or complete the form via our Join page. We are very proud of our classes at H2 and so we are happy to showcase them ahead of Membership or bundle purchases. Guests wishing to attend a class on a one-off basis should purchase credits via our Join page. 

Can I delay the start of my membership?

Yes, there is an option to defer your start date as part of the joining process on our website. If you want to defer it to further ahead than the website allows, just contact us and we'll help you out.

Will I be issued with an H2 membership card?

Yes, for all of our Memberships you will receive an H2 Membership card. This card will give you entry to your chosen club. Members are reminded to swipe in to record their visit to the Club each time. PAYU Members or guests will be issued with a guest card for your visit, in exchange for a bank card or driving license which acts as a deposit.

Can I share or give my membership to somebody else to use?

No. Under no circumstances can you give or share your membership card with anybody else as it is unique to you. To protect the interests and ensure the safety of our valued, paying members, offenders will have their membership cancelled.

Can I use the bike park and what are the terms of use?

You are welcome to use the bike park if you have a valid Membership type to do so. Please check with the Crew on the front desk or email us if you are unsure if this is included in your Membership. All bikes in the bike park must be registered to a Live Membership and bike tags must be clearly visible. Bikes can be registered at the front desk and this is where Members receive their bike tag. 

Please note, for security reasons, bikes left in the bike park without a valid bike tag may be removed without notice. Members are able to leave their bike overnight on individual occasions at the discretion of Club management. Bikes left for more than one night may be removed, and bikes left in the Club for 4 weeks or more will be disposed of. A charge of £20 per month will apply to bikes left behind without permission. To enquire about adding overnight bike parking to your Membership please contact us.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes, you can freeze your membership for £10.00 a month from your DD date, each month. Freeze requests must be made in writing to the Club before your invoice date with your requested start and end dates in order to freeze your membership. Please note, membership freezes can only be processed by giving advanced notice; they can not be applied retrospectively. To unfreeze your membership please email us with 48 hours notice to do so.

Please note that memberships can only be frozen for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months per year. After this time your membership will be automatically be unfrozen and your monthly direct debit returned to the normal payment. In the rare event that any changes to Membership rates occur during your frozen time, you will be advised of your new rate when unfreezing.

Lockers cannot be frozen. You will be charged for your locker each month along with the £10 freeze charge.

Is it possible to change my direct debit date?

No this is not possible. Your direct debit date is automatically set up as the 1st of the month

I haven't received my Welcome email with my login details?

Your Welcome email which includes your login details for your account is automatically e-mailed to you on completion of the join process. Sometimes this e-mail can be found in Spam or Junk mail. In the unlikely event of a Welcome email not being received then please contact crew@h2clubs.co.uk (for Soho) or victoria@h2clubs.co.uk (for Victoria) so we can arrange for this to be reissued to you.

I don't have a DD account. Do you accept cash or card payment?

We can accept cash or card payment for Annual Membership and PAYU credits only. All monthly rolling Memberships must be set up via UK Bank Account.

How do I cancel my membership?

The cancellation process is very easy. As you are are in complete control of your membership, you simply need to send an email to crew@h2clubs.co.uk (Soho) or victoria@h2clubs.co.uk (Victoria) stating your full name and reason for cancellation, after which you can cancel your Direct Debit on or before your invoice date. As soon as the bank processes this request, your Membership lapses. 

As you pay your monthly membership in advance, cancelling your DD will mean you have access to the club for the remainder of your paid month. After this paid month, any items left in a lapsed locker will be available for collection for up to one month after the leave date, after which time items will be disposed of. No pro-rata refunds are given for unused Membership time. We also offer a freeze facility for £10.00 a month, which could provide better value than cancelling and re-joining if you are going away for a month or two. 

Can I pay up front for a year?

The H2 Fitness Annual Memberships offer an annual contract. You can select this Membership type on the join page on the website and pay via credit or debit card online. This payment is non refundable. 

When does the first month's payment come out of my bank account? 

Your first payment at the point of joining will be for the remainder of the month you're in plus any relevant joining fee, before your DD is set up from the 1st of the following month. The only deviation from this is when you join late in the month and there isn't sufficient time to set up your DD for the 1st of the next month. In this case, a full month, plus the joining fee and remaining days in the current month will be charged up front, and the normal DD will kick in on the 1st of the month after

Can I change my mind after joining?

On a monthly membership, any up front payments are non-refundable, but because we use a rolling monthly agreement, you will never need to pay more than a month up front (plus set up fees if joining part way through the month)

Can I get a refund on membership fees I have paid? 

No. You can cancel your membership at any time by cancelling your direct debit with your bank but no refunds of any fees will be paid by H2 Fitness on any of our memberships. 

Can I get a monthly invoice?

Yes. A monthly invoice is produced each month and members can view and download their invoices by logging in and viewing invoice history in the Account section of the members log in. 

Can I change my membership type mid month?

Yes you can. All you need to do is log in to your account and review the alternative membership types. Then you should contact your club team if you would like to change your membership type. A pro-rata charge will be collected by direct debit for any additional cost in the month for any upgrade. Your new monthly payment will commence from your next direct debit date following the end of the invoice period in which you made the change to your membership. 

Can I rent a permanent locker?

Yes, all you need to do is either choose a permanent locker when joining up or you can add a permanent locker to your account by logging in to your account and selecting a permanent locker to rent. The club team will then advise you on any next steps, such as the need for a padlock at Victoria (only)

How do I get a corporate membership rate?

Unless any promotions state otherwise, we need a minimum of 5 members from a company to be able to offer a corporate rate. For all corporate enquiries please e-mail crew@h2clubs.co.uk (for Soho) or victoria@h2clubs.co.uk (for Victoria) stating your company name and how many employees wish to join.

H2 Facilities & Equipment

Does H2 Fitness offer classes?

Yes. We provide a predominantly class-based service, based around Group Fitness and Ride classes. We offer around 50 classes per week at each club

How do I book in for a class?

All classes are booked through your member’s area of the website, using your e-mail address and password and then booking the class that you require. Any member booking Ride classes in our Stages Ride studio, may be asked to also book their bike via the Stages Flight app - speak to your club team to show you an easy step-by-step guide to do this

Can I bring a guest to a class?

A Members' guest pass is at a reduced rate of only £10 per class. You must be booked in to the same class as your guest and the pass is for class access only. Members are able to purchase up to 6 Member guest passes per calendar year for their guests, and any individual guest is limited to 3 visits per calendar year on a Member guest pass. If your guest may be interested in Membership following their visit, please enquire to the Club directly

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a class please go to the members area of the website and login to your account and cancel your booking. We ask all members to give as much notice as possible when cancelling a booking so that other members may take your place in the class. If you have booked a Ride class via the H2 website AND the Stages Flight app, please remember to cancel on both platforms

Please note that you will lose any credits used to book a class for any cancellations with less than 3 hours notice. 

How far ahead can I book a class and how many people will be in a class?

Classes are loaded every Monday for the following week and you can have a maximum of 6 booked classes at any one time. 

How does the credits system work? 

We offer a credits system whereby members (without unlimited classes) can purchase credits in order to access classes that are not included in their membership type. These credits are purchased in the Members area of the website and each class is worth 1 credit. The credits have various expiry dates from the date of purchase, depending on how many credits are in the bundle. Please note credits purchased are non refundable.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

All new H2 Fitness and H2 Unlimited Members are offered a complimentary consultation with a Personal Trainer when joining the Club. You should expect contact from one of the team to book this session within your first few weeks

What equipment does the gym have?

H2 Fitness provides a dynamic and unique training environment! Equipment is geared towards the classes we offer, although there are some pieces of kit that will enable you to have a great workout on your own, between classes. These include functional pulleys, Battle Ropes, Sled Tracks, Kettle Bells, Olympic Bars, TRX, Squat Racks, multi-use bars, bumper plates, medicine balls and dumbbells. We also have treadmills, rowers, ski-ergo's and Watt bikes.

Can I use the workout areas while there is a class going on?

No. While a class is taking place, the space is reserved for the sole use of the class participants. However, each club has times (both in peak and off peak times) where there is 'free use' permitted. Please refer to the Book Classes link in the top menu, or contact the clubs directly to find out when the 'free use' times are.

Are personal or group personal training sessions available?

Yes. Personal Training sessions and transformation and event specific training packages are available. Please e-mail us here or speak to the crew for more information.

Are towels provided?

Yes, all members receive a bath towel free with every visit. Sweat towels are also available for use during your workout.

Are there showers, changing facilities & lockers in each H2?

Yes, we have numerous showers and over 350 lockers in all changing rooms. All members receive a bath towel and use of a session locker free on every visit. We also provide free shampoo and conditioner, hairdryers and hair straighteners. 

Do you have WiFi access at the club?

Yes. Please ask the crew for the access details.

H2 Security

Will my bike be safe at H2?

The bike park is monitored by CCTV and is regularly patrolled by staff to make every effort to ensure all of our member's bikes are secure. All members must lock their bikes with a D-lock for added security. Whilst every effort is made to ensure our member's bikes are secure any bike parked in the bike park is left at the member's own risk and not H2's. 

Will my belongings be safe in my locker?

Lockers are accessed by your membership card (Soho) or by padlock (Victoria). Day Use lockers may be used during your visit. Any items left overnight could be removed and donated to charity if unclaimed after 14 days. 

Private lockers are available to hire for members wishing to leave belongings on a regular basis. Lockers are not valid on a Lapsed Membership and belongings will be removed after 30 days. 

H2 Fitness does not accept any liability for any personal possessions left by members in their locker or in the Club. 

Members are reminded not to leave personal items on their bikes - hanging rails (Soho) or drying rooms (Victoria) are provided should a Member wish to hang jackets and other clothing. Items left on bikes will be transferred to the hanging rails/drying rooms by Crew - again all items are left at Members own risk with no liability for personal possessions accepted by H2.

Is the H2 website secure?

Yes, the join up process on the website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted and your personal and banking details will be kept private. Please refer to our privacy policy on the website for more information.

Guest Passes

Complimentary Guest Passes may be redeemed at the discretion of the Club. All guests must provide full contact information and complete a health questionnaire before using the facilities. 

Visits not claimed within the week of the authorised start date will be forfeited.

For more information please email us at crew@h2clubs.co.uk (for Soho) or victoria@h2clubs.co.uk (for Victoria)